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The Lost continent of

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It is easier to optimise correct code, than correct optimised code

Yves Deville

Ten Turgid Years...

My Unauthorised Space Moose Archive

At one time an official Space Moose archive existed online. Unfortunately the author of Space Moose, Adam Someoneorother, was forced to close it down in 2003.

Never one to let good pixels die, I have cobbled together this collection from scactered pieces and obscure clues littered around the Internet. Entropy be damned!

How long has he been in there?
Stop the mutilation!
It's a summons
My client is a virgin!
color by Frank Orlando It's Barney!
Hey, Bald Dwarf, did you just fart?
Tales of the hackneyed demagogue
color by Kevin Wallace Space Moose: the origin
Mail-order gadjet [sic]
Triceratops scat
Summertime tips for picking up babes
color by Jens Vaasjo Barney meets Grimace
Colostomy Club
Health Services
We wanna join a frat
color by Sean Murphy Bulbous yet agile
You're making a huge mistake, pigs!
Blow the lid off the media conspiracy
The Trial
I did a bad thing, Billy
Portrait of a Gateway fan